*UPDATE* = Raleigh Added!

Do I need to ever coddle you through this part of the article?

A Chuck Pahlniuk adaptation starring Sam Rockwell. If you need any more reason to see Choke you’re a crazy loon. Plus, it’s the writing/directing debut [he helped come up with the story for What Lies Beneath as well] of the one and only Clark Gregg, the plain-faced Mamet grad with great taste in material and slacks.

The film also features Angelica Huston, Kelly Macdonald and someone named Jonah Bobo.How can you be named Jonah Bobo and not be a mythical creature. I envision Mr. Bobo an owlcat with tentacle wings and sixteen randomly placed eyes. Anything less is a total waste of the name.

Distilled, the story focuses on a sex addict who fakes choking to gain sympathy dough.

Once again, I really don’t need to sell you on this. You want to be there, and if you’re in or around Atlanta you can see it early with all your favorite CHUD.com luminaries.

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