The buzz on Netflix’s Daredevil has been immensely positive, and being that the Man Without Fear is one of the few Marvel characters I’m know enough about to really love, I am eagerly awaiting the show’s arrival tomorrow. The only thing that has had people (read: impatient nerds) in a tizzy has been the lack of Daredevil’s iconic red suit. The ninja look is obviously a starting point, but those people want their red suit and they want it now, daddy! Well, Netflix has obliged and you can get your first look at the new show’s take on the classic Daredevil costume in this promo:

From what we see here, I gotta say I like it! It looks like it will fit in with the larger Marvel aesthetic (practical and grounded, but still comic book-y enough) and will wash away most of our memories of Ben Affleck’s motorcycle mama getup. Good thing I’m not working tomorrow, because it looks like my day will be spent binge-watching so I can see that suit in action. If the show is as good as the pre-release reviews have been, Marvel may have finally done ol’ Hornhead justice.

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