It’s the second installment of the new column where you get to make your voice heard. The first installment was a smash hit, with hundreds of replies coming about the future of the Superman franchise. There were some really amazing replies, and I wish I could have showcased every single one of them.

Now on to the latest edition:

There’s nothing that makes me happier than the Toronto Film Festival, even if I’ve only been to it once. It’s like a rain that breaks the oppressive heat of late summer – and that oppressive heat, of course, being the feeling of blockbuster exhaustion everybody is feeling. This week the movies essentially took some time off, letting Bangkok Dangerous be number one with a measly take.

Toronto begins the awards season and the fall prestige season, when the movies that engage us rather than overpower us start coming out. We’ve already seen some movies getting serious steam out of Toronto (and Venice), including Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler. But there’s still a bunch more to come, and between now and the end of the year the Oscar race will really shape up.

So here’s your CHUD Populi assignment this week:

Which fall/winter movie between now and the end of the year are you most looking forward to? Why? Let’s use first release dates as the rule here – ie, The Brothers Bloom is coming out in limited release on December 19th and going wide in January, so for our purposes it’s a winter movie for 2008. Use IMDB’s Coming Soon section as your guide (and for those wondering, yeah, I think The Wrestler will be out by the end of the year in a small release).

Send your thoughts to with CHUD Populi as your subject line. I’m still figuring this new column out, so feel free to give your thoughts on how it should be structured. I’m also going to need some help with it in the coming weeks as I travel; if you want to help out, please email me at the same address above, with Populi Volunteer as your subject line. I’m going to need some folks to help go through the emails we receive and to work on creating the column at the end of the week, where readers get to have their voices heard.