News hit in July that Activision had grabbed not only a new Metallica song for their plastic guitar game, but the whole goddamn album. Yes, Death Magnetic is going to be the first album ever released that will be available day one both on cds and as downloadable songs in a video game.

The only problem? It’s for Guitar Hero 3. Sure, it’s awesome that we can play Hammett’s leads (and that they’re back after the whole St. Anger fiasco) but it would have been much nicer if they had held out for Guitar Hero World Tour. Everyone who’s played the Metallica songs on Rock Band knows that they’re some of the most fun to pound the drums or scream along to. And who wouldn’t want to groove along to Trujillo’s lines?

Today Activision revealed that the downloadable pack will not only have all ten songs from the album, but it will have two different versions of their instrumental song “Suicide & Redemption”, with extended solos by Hetfield and Kirk Hammett. The song’s pretty sick as well, as you might know if you knew where to look online. It’s a song full of solos, so this could definitely be the highlight of the pack. It goes on sale Friday for 1440 Microsoft Points/ $17.99 Real Bucks on the PS3. It’s also going to be forward compatible with World Tour, so at least you won’t forget about the album in a few months.

I know there are a lot of haters out there, but honestly, if you’re expecting some insane thrash metal album out of Metallica you must not have been following their career path too closely. Say what you want about their last few albums, but they’ve been pretty damn good rock albums. No early Metallica, of course, but what is? You can check out some more of the new songs at Metallica’s site here.