If you don’t know who Bill Plympton is, A. I feel sorry for you, and B. Google Bill Plympton now, and watch all his stuff. I was first introduced to his work by staying up late and watching Liquid Television on MTV (I’m old as shit) and from then on I was hooked on his shaky, elastic style. Now the two-time Oscar nominated legend has turned to Kickstarter for his latest project entitled Revengeance, described by Plympton himself as “neo-noir, L.A., the sleazy underbelly in the 70s,” which, JAM. Animated by Bill Plympton and written by fellow animator Jim Lujan, the film revolves around a “bounty hunter named Lou Rossi, the low-rent posse.” I don’t know what that means, but I loved reading it. Why go the Kickstarter route? Plympton:

“Before (Kickstarter), I’d have to go out to Hollywood and do pitch sessions. That’s very frustrating. They don’t get it. I just said ‘Why don’t I go to my fans? They’re the proper place to go (to raise money).’ I really think it’s the wave of the future.”

I buy that coming from a traditional hand-animator more than I buy that coming from Zach Braff, to be honest. Plympton draws each cell by hand, which, for his last film, Cheatin’, amounted to 40,000 cells. Cheatin’ was released on Vimeo On Demand, which is a thing, apparently, and Plympton has said he’d like to go that route for Revengeance as well.

Bill Plympton rules. If you want to find out more, check out the movie’s Kickstarter page, AND, if you donate a thousand bucks, Plympton will draw a caricature of you which will be a featured “extra” in the finished film. In addition, Dave Foley (Kids in the Hall) will provide voice-over work. /high fives

via Deadline

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