Film Weekend Purr Total
1 Bangkok Dangerous $7,800,000 $2,943 $7,800,000
2 Tropic Thunder $7,500,000 (-34.9%) $2,176 $96,811,000
3 The House Bunny $5,900,000 (-29.1%) $2,156 $36,999,000
4 The Dark Knight $5,715,000 (-33.7%) $2,219 $512,198,000
5 Traitor $4,660,000 (-40.8%) $2,210 $17,652,000
6 Babylon A.D. $4,000,000 (-57.8%) $1,167 $17,198,000
7 Death Race $3,595,000 (-43.0%) $1,390 $29,793,000
8 Disaster Movie $3,300,000 (-43.5%) $1,249 $10,871,000
9 Mamma Mia! $2,713,000 (-35.6%) $1,424 $136,297,000
10 Pineapple Express $2,400,000 (-32.1%) $1,331 $84,158,000

This Just In: Modern scholars have now ranked Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony as hackwork. As one musicologists said “WTF, B, what the fuck?” Kids in the Hall member Kevin MacDonald disagreed by saying: “This is whack, yo. You honkeys be trippin’.” End quote.

September is a good month to go streaking in movie theaters. If you’ve ever want to wag your bits in front of a film screen, now’s the time. I say that not as an Earth, Wind and Fire fan, but just from looking at those per screen averages. It’s the time of year where the studios are waiting for the applause to build up enough to get the encore. It’s a fake breather, all things, you know they’re going to come back out, at least once. So you’ve got to wait a bit. In this case, things will pick up a bit in October – though next week offers the Coens’ Burn After Reading.

And in this apathetic environment, Bangkok Dangerous says “I’m the King, bitch!” And then it throws on some crunk-ass music. I guess this means that Nicholas Cage can get any film open to around seven million dollars. That’s what you get from him, whether his hair is weird or not. SNAP.

It just edged out Tropic Thunder, which should get to the $100 range sometime around Thursday-Friday. Speaking of, The Mummy 3 just crossed it, and Step Brothers should have it by next weekend. A hundred, that is. But Thunder‘s winding down, though it’s proved to be very quotable so make of that what you will. And in the more positive side of things, The House Bunny has been performing strong for what it is, and Batman keeps making money. Also, not so bad: Traitor which was cheap and should make money by the time it hits DVD. And people seem to like it. Or at least they like it in comparison to Babylon A.D., which dropped nearly 60%.

Death Race and Disaster Movie plainly didn’t work, so they’re wrapping up their runs, but get to hang out a bit longer if only because there’s no new movies this week, While Mamma Mia! and Pineapple Express are wrapping up their runs with huge and heavy profits. Next weekend has a number of lesser effort that could connect with someone somewhere. You’ve got a new Tyler Perry with the word Prey in the title, you’ve got De Niro and Pacino, and you’ve got The Women (none naked), and Burn After Reading. Can you guess which of the four has the possibility of being good?