The Venice Film Festival was Ground Zero for the negative buzz on Darren Aronofsky’s masterful The Fountain. Audiences booed and Variety sent some cub reporter to write a vicious, terrible review of the movie.

This year, Aronofsky has returned to Italy, and this time, he is the conqueror. His new film, The Wrestler, won the Golden Lion, marking it as the best picture of the festival.

Congratulations to Darren, and to Mickey Rourke, whose performance has people saying ‘Oscar’ in not so hushed tones. I imagine it won’t be very long before someone buys this film – certainly by the end of Toronto – and possibly even gets it into theaters before the end of the year so that Rourke and Bruce Springsteen, who contributed an original song to the end credits, can have their moments at the Kodak Theater.

I’m so fucking excited about this movie. I hope you are too.