I guess I need to see Inside Man again. No gay readers, this isn’t an invitation but rather a reveal that I wan’t a fan of the Spike Lee/Denzel Washington/Jodie Foster/Clive Owen/Kim Director joint. Let me also reveal that I had no idea that the film made $175,000,000 worldwide at the box office.

Why couldn’t people have seen 25th Hour instead?

Inside Man, which was the title of my Slim Goodbody franchise starter, is being sequelized. This is news because Spike Lee is involved and it’ll mark the first time the super-talented and constantly evolving filmmaker goes down that path unless you count the fact that She’s Gotta Have It is on the surface a love story featuring Pennywise the Clown.

A sequel to Inside Man. I’m baffled but maybe it’s a good thing. There are few people working today with the wattage and charisma as Denzel and Clive and I can’t imagine that Spike would do this simply for a massive paycheck and the ability to make whatever movies he wants as a result.

On second thought…

Either way,the sequel has Terry George, a man who survived a Q&A panel moderated by yours truly* penning the thing which will feature the lead characters involved in some other fantastic high tension situation, Nazi’s optional.

It could be an interesting proposition because Spike Lee can shoot the hell out of a film and with the resources to deliver somewhat mainstream entertainment the sky’s the limit. I really need to give the first one another chance.

Jodie Foster was kind of hot in the first one. Ah, the forbidden fruit is always the sweetest.

* Terry George and real-life hero Paul Rusesabagina came to Atlanta to promote George’s Hotel Rwanda and I moderated the Q&A session that followed the screening. Think about that; a serious filmmaker and a man who ascended to hero status after enduring unforgettable hardships and massive amounts of senseless bloodshed joined by a guy who has a poster for The Manitou on his wall.