Who would have expected that?

For the uninitiated, Populous is arguably one of the best-received PC strategy games of all time. In it you play as a God and have to move your people through the ages. Along the way you’ve got to try and conqour another civilization, who’s got another God on their side. Your God is superior, obviously! If all of this sounds similiar to Black and White, it’s because Peter Molyneux was behind both.

Console gamers got a taste of it with Populous: The Beginning, which changed things a bit by making you a shaman that led your troops on the battlefield. It was made into a PS1 game back in 1999 (and released last year for the PS3/PSP via the Playstation Network), but now the first new game in the series in over a decade is on its way. To the DS.
Titled simply Populous DS, the game will feature a four-player wireless multiplayer mode where you can fight with your friends and send natural disasters (earthquakes, tidal waves and volcanic eruptions) to their levels/ There’s also a challenge mode with 50 missions and a “Find the Warrior” mini-game.

Not going to lie, I’m actually really excited about this. I haven’t played Populous in ages and think that the DS is the perfect platform for it. First Civilization Revolution, now this! Little system that could, huh? It’s got quite the impressive RPG and
strategy game collection already, as more and more developers realize
what they can do with the touch screen.

Populous DS hits this Fall.