chuckyThe more Don Mancini talks about his upcoming Child’s Play remake, the more it seems like a good idea. It’s hard to not get excited as he continues to say all the right things with each new interview.

Last month, Mancini told AICN that the purpose behind the series reboot is to restore the brand of straightforward horror to the franchise and confirmed that Brad Dourif would be returning to do the voice of Chucky.

Now, Mancini tells Bloody Disgusting that although the voice of Chucky will be familiar, audiences won’t be subjected to the same film all over again.

“None of the details of the murders in the first movie will be repeated. All of the setpieces are going to be completely brand new, and we’re going to do a slight re-design on Chucky himself, although Brad Dourif will absolutely be the voice of Chucky, and will once again play Charles Lee Ray in the flesh. And we’re giving him more to do than he did in the original movie.”

No hammer to the head of that bitch Aunt Maggie? Oh well, dedicating more screen time to Charles Lee Ray is the best idea I’ve heard yet.

In that perfect world I’ve dreamed up– you know, the one where Billy Bob Thorton plays Freddy and people don’t think Barack Obama is a Muslim– there is only one man who can take over for Brad Dourif as Charles Lee Ray and his name is Lieutenant Dan.