The Wrestler, Darren Aronofsky’s movie about a mostly washed-up wrestler played by Mickey Rourke, is getting almost unanimously good notes. First at the Venice Film Festival, then after a screening in LA (which our former colleague Beaks loved) and I’d expect the same coming out of TIFF any minute now. I’m dying to see the film, and I expect that it’ll be one of the first big sales from TIFF this year. Since the public premiere is Sunday we might even hear about something this weekend.

Without a real trailer for the film, then, you should be excited to check out this clip from AP which features some footage from the flick and a bit of interview with Aronofsky and Rourke. It’s good stuff all around, and a great way to start the weekend if you’re not up in Toronto.

(Thanks to ridiculously frequent emailer Brian Henne for the tip.)