Stuart Gordon’s Stuck hit theaters earlier this year in a limited release, but most of you unfortunately missed out on the great film (review here). But never fear, Stuck is headed to the disc format of your choice on October 14th!

One problem? The regular single-disc dvd is a bare-bones edition. There’s a Blu-Ray disc and 2-disc special edition dvd that will have audio commentaries and a bunch of featurettes, but the only place to get the 2-disc dvd version is at Blockbuster, which I’m sure will be strange for most of you (if you’re like me, and never go in there except to get really cheap used dvds).

Here’s the features for the Blu-Ray and Special Edition set-

  • Audio Commentary Featuring Director Stuart Gordon, Writer John Strysik and Actress Mena Suvari
  • Featurettes
  • -Chante’s Inferno
  • -The Gory Details
  • -Driving Forces
  • Theatrical Trailer

Chante’s Inferno is all about the actual incident the film is based on (with real news footage), while The Gory Details is of course about the gnarly effects in the film. Driving Forces is a video interview with Gordon and Strysik.

Not a ton of features but a Gordon commentary is always worth listening to, so any way you can get at this- make sure you do.