This is Chickenfoot?

As someone who still has love for the old fashioned, lowest common denominator rock, I was intrigued by Sammy Hagar’s ‘supergroup’ Chickenfoot. Chad Smith on drums, Michael Anthony on bass, Joe Satriani on guitar, and Hagar on vocals it had potential to at least make up for the fact that Van Halen is as good as dead and Hagar’s own solo albums have veered towards Jimmy Buffett territory, a place I prefer never to visit.

I need a band like this mixed in with the stuff that constiutes the bulk of my music palate.

They put two tracks up yesterday.

Soap on a Rope – Sounds like a Van-Hagar B-Side. I have no problem with that, but it doesn’t represent what I would consider a true creative melding of some great musicians and fun personalities. Satriani gets to shine, though. Be interesting to see what would be the result of Chad Smith/Joe Satriani jam sessions. Hagar seems to be dipping shallow into the Rock Vocal Bible for his approach. Not a very good song.

Down the Drain – I like this a little better, but I think Sammy needs to let the music the majority of the talking. The chorus is good and some of the stuff works but there’s just too many Rock 101 vocal approaches. He’s the frontman and with his Cabo Wabo sale [80 million!] probably the bucks behind the outfit, but there’s too many great musical geek-out opportunities here to not allow them to take the forefront.

A lot of people hate Hagar, but I am perfectly fine with his Marching to Mars/Red Voodoo stuff and think it’s good having an unironic guy out there making straight-down-the-middle rock is a good alternative.

That said, I hope this isn’t the pinnacle of Chickenfoot. It feels awfully like a Van Halen wannabe, which is Van Halen’s job these days.

If I had to cobble a ‘supergroup’ together today, here’s what it’d look like:

Drums – Stanton Moore (Galactic, Solo, Corrosion of Conformity)
Bass – Robert Trujillo (Infectious Grooves, Suicidal Tendencies, Metallica)
Guitar – Eddie Roberts (The New Mastersounds)
Guitar – Trey Spruance (Mr. Bungle, Secret Chiefs 3)
Keys – Robert Walter (Robert Walter’s 20th Congress, The Greyboy All-Stars)
Keys – Steve Molitz (Particle)
Vocals – Mike Patton (Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Peeping Tom)

Hear for yourself:

Today’s Moments:

  • I will be thrilled if Jeremy Healy’s able to do a remix album for the Nightsticks.

  • Looking forward to a nice night at the lounge tonight. Hope a few locals are able to come by and hang out.

  • I still need two fantasy baseball players.

  • I will be able to chalk off another I’ve always wanted to do, when I see Robert Klein live this coming week.