I have never been a fan of Ryan Reynolds. I just never got the appeal. Then, I saw a movie he did called The Voices (my review), and I was instantly on board with the guy. Now, with Deadpool actually happening, I’m starting to fall more and more in love with him. After the pitch-perfect costume reveal, Reynolds took to Twitter to chat with some fans. This tidbit was the most heartening:

I don’t know if we’ll get an R rating for Deadpool or not (lots of folks, including our savvy Chewers, have prophesied a theatrical run with a PG-13 and an unrated video release), but knowing that Reynolds is fighting for it shows that this isn’t a cash-in for the dude. He wants to bring the version of the character people love, and will apparently yell a lot to do it.

We also got an official logo today. Nothing to write home about, but in case you need more evidence that this movie is actually happening, check it out:


Also, go watch The Voices.