Over a year ago, in May ’07, we heard about the plan laid by Albert and Allen Hughes to return to dramatic feature filmmakin’ with The Book of Eli, which would be their first drama since From Hell in 2001. Based on a script by Gary “Akira! Two films! Live-action!” Whitta which recently got a rewrite from Anthony “Fuckin’ Eastwood is directing my script The Human Factor! Yeah!” Peckham, the story has a lone man crossing America in a post-apocalyptic near future while cradling a book like it was the last bottle of Maker’s Mark on the continent. The book could save everyone. The man will be Denzel Washington.

“Epic” and “thriller” have been used to describe the script, and since those are two of my favorite songs I only need another producer to compare it to ‘Mexican Radio’ and I’ll buy a ticket without even seeing a trailer. And Denzel’s involvement is compelling, since this could certainly fall outside of his comfort zone. Though if he’s that upset about not being called for The Road he probably could have just had lunch with John Hillcoat. 

Meanwhile, I’m not even sure what the Hughes Brothers’ comfort zone is, if it’s not the Player’s Ball, so I’m as curious as the rest of you to see where this goes. The Book of Eli will shoot in January in New Mexico.