Is being Bangkok Dangerous like being Portland Famous, or Cleveland Sexy?


I spent tonight doing CHUD-related business (I’ve got a cool interview coming up this week *Cough* WKW *Cough*), so I ran out of time to do the Summer Winners-wrap up, so we’ll save that for next week. Sorry Fans. Sorry Bill Hader. Sorry Tony Scott. Sorry God. Sorry John McCain. Sorry Barack Obama. Sorry Moon, stars, po-po, fiends, hoppers, hustlers, scammers, to everbody.

We’re at both the best time in cinema for cinema, and the worst time for movies. The fests are beginning and good movies will be joining us shortly, or the films that need love and care to get where they’re going. But for wide releases, we’re in the dumping grounds, and so I may do a Fall movie preview and offer some guestimations if there’s as little to talk about as there is this week. I swear to god I will work harder next week. I’ll even have a chart with Monkeys or something.


So, there’s a new film this week called Bangkok Dangerous. It will likely take the weekend due to apathy. Kids are mostly back in school, and the seasons are beginning to change. Young girls are menstruating for the first time, and junkies are in the alley with a baseball bat. All Bangkok needs is somewhere around Eight Million dollars to take the weekend from three time champ Tropic Thunder. But someone, I don’t know how or why, brought a folding chair into the auditorium. Why the fuck would they do that? This is a state of the art auditorium and you would think that such a prop would not find its way into this world. But there you are and here you go.

Don’t Sweat the Techniques:
1. Bangkok Dangerous - $8 Million
2. Tropic Thunder – $7.5 Million
3. The Dark Knight - $5.8 Million
4. The House Bunny - $5.5 Million
5. Babylon A.D. – $4.9 Million

See you guys Sunday for some chitlins. Served raw.