…but what about Zack Snyder and Gore Verbinski and Albert Pyun and Akira Kurosawa?

/Flim links to an rgbFilter interview with Heavy Metal honcho (and TMNT co-creator) Kevin Eastman, who casually name-drops some of those names in association with the proposed third Heavy Metal film.

“David Fincher is executive producing, Blur animation studios in Venice is going to do all the animation…we have a $50m budget, we’re doing a full-blown production. Fincher is directing one, Guillermo del Toro wants to direct one, Zack Snyder wants to direct one, Gore Verbinski wants to direct one, it’s going to be an anthology picture again.”

Eastman talks about the early development with Paramount and how the studio was “at odds” with Fincher over Benjamin Button‘s running time. According to Eastman, Fincher didn’t budge, said “fine, fuck you, I’m going to send it out somewhere else,” which led to the film being set up at Sony for production to begin this fall. All of which leads to two thoughts: how do you think Fincher feels about his producing partner speaking so freely about problems with Button, and how can Guillermo possibly direct anything that isn’t The Hobbit in the next few years? (Replace Guillermo and Hobbit with ‘Verbinski’ and ‘Bioshock’, if you like.)