More Nic Cage from his Bangkok Dangerous conference call!

Cage recently signed on to Matthew Vaughn’s adaptation of Mark Millar’s comic book Kick-Ass, but it turns out that Cage never saw the comic before agreeing to the movie. He tells MTVWhen I said ‘yes’ to this movie, it was to a script. Then I started
seeing the comics which are pretty far out in terms of violence. But I
think Matthew [Vaughan] and the script have a different style to it…
[T]here will be some moments of action that will be violent, but there
will be a sense of elegance to it. [He] doesn’t want to get gratuitous
with it. At least that’s what Matthew has told me.

Of course, as io9 points out, Mark ‘Are You Actually Taking What I Say Seriously?’ Millar has made claims quite the opposite: “We probably did the most violent film this year with Wanted. I wanted to do something even more outrageous with Kick-Ass.

“The book is very extreme. There is a lot of violence in it. That
would have put a lot of producers off. Matthew Vaughn has assured me
they will do a page-by-page adaptation of the book.”

That’s from an interview with The Herald last week. So which is it: ultra-violent offense-fest or some elegant hoo ha? Also, can someone tell me what the hell the point of Kick-Ass is? I read the first issue of the comic and thought it was about kids trying to be superheroes in the real world, and then I saw some panels that io9 published from later issues and it looks live over the top, unrealistic ultraviolence.