Seriously, why is anyone talking about a sequel to Ghost Rider? I know the movie made a dollar or two, but it’s egregiously terrible, and my understanding is that it doesn’t have a lot of goodwill. I thought this was going to be like Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes: a movie that did box office but is so reviled that no one assumed there would be an audience for a sequel.

Guess not. Nic Cage, while stumping for his latest hairpiece adventure, Bangkok Dangerous, says that he met with the studio three months ago about a movie that sounds like Ghost Rider’s European Road Trip. Says Garth at Dark Horizons, who was on a conference call with Cage: The general idea was to take the character to Europe where he will work
with the Catholic Church, deal with supernatural stuff on the continent
and figureout a “connection working with different religious figures”.
The film’s main antagonist has yet to be decided.

Jesus, that sounds awful. And speaking of Jesus, maybe he’ll show up in the film as well! Here’s hoping that this movie never gets its skull flames lit…