Last year I visited the amazing set of City of Ember in Northern Ireland, and while I was there I was asked to keep the film’s concepts – that the City of Ember is in fact an underground fallout shelter that has lived past its expiration date – a secret. Then the trailer appeared and gave that all away in the first few seconds. And now the one sheet heavily ‘hints’ at that as well.

I actually had a chance to ask Gil Kenan, the director of the film, about this marketing change when I was taking the ‘City of Ember train’ down to Comic Con in July, and he told me that the focus simply changed in editing – that instead of being about the mystery it’s about the adventure and the discovery. It’s an interesting tack to take, and potentially a dangerous one if the audience, primed by the advertising,is ten steps ahead of the leads at all times. I’m interested in seeing what Kenan does, and with seeing how he handles live action. Hopefully I’ll be getting a chance to see the full film soon enough (I saw clips on the train, and I am impressed with how Kenan captured the truly incredible sets).

City of Ember - featuring Bill Murray! – opens October 10th.