It’s hard to believe it’s closing in on thirty years since The Evil Dead debuted on a drive-in screen in Detroit, Michigan. In that time, its star and king of all things that are B-movie-cool, Bruce Campbell, has made quite a name for himself within the industry. Sure, he’s not exactly on the A-list and A LOT of the films he’s been in haven’t exactly been memorable (Alien Apocalypse anyone?), but as an actor you can only take what you’re given and hope the director, producers, and pinheads at the studio don’t do a hatchet job on one’s work in the editing room among other things, right?

I guess…

On the other hand, if you’re like Bruce Campbell, you’ll direct a movie of your own. Better yet, you’ll direct a movie you’re also starring in. Yes, it’s been a long time coming, but Bruce Campbell’s sophomore feature directorial effort My Name is Bruce looks like it’s finally going to see the light of day, according to Fangoria.

Directed by Campbell and penned by Mark Verheiden (Battlestar Galactica, FreakyLinks), My Name is Bruce tells the story of a veteran, arrogant B-movie actor (Bruce Campbell) who’s called on by a small town to protect them from attacking demons.

In typical Bruce-B-movie-fashion, the flick will be getting a limited release, so if you’re in one of the following towns, you’d better make the effort to see it on the applicable dates because it won’t stick around for long.

The dates and cities are below; however, not all of the theaters have been posted yet, so stay tuned for those in the coming weeks.

• October 26: Austin, TX—Black Curtain screening/premiere at the Alamo Drafthouse with Harry Knowles

• Oct. 31-November 2: New York City—Sunshine Cinema

• Nov. 5: Philadelphia, PA

• Nov. 7: Boston, MA

• Nov. 9: Hartford, CT

• Nov. 12: New Haven, CT

• Nov. 14: Baltimore, MD

• Nov. 15: Washington D.C.

• Nov. 19: Columbus, OH

• Nov. 20: Toledo, OH

• Nov. 21-23: Detroit, MI

• Nov. 28-30: Chicago, IL

• Dec. 3: Madison, WI

• Dec. 5-7: Minneapolis, MN

• Dec. 12: Seattle, WA

• Dec. 13-14: Portland, OR

• Dec. 15: Medford, OR

• Dec. 17: San Francisco, CA

• Dec. 18: Berkeley, CA

• Dec. 19-21: Los Angeles, CA