“He’s dead.”

Aaron Eckhart didn’t even let me finish my question about the controversy that has been rippling through the Batfan community the last couple of months, about whether or not Harvey Dent might be back for Batman 3. It’s completely official: Two Face is dead.

I was talking to Eckhart about his latest film, Towelhead (I love it), and at the end of the one on one interview he asked me to sit for a photograph for him. Seriously – he had a light meter and everything. As I was being photographed by Eckhart, I used my moment to ask him about Harvey.

He admitted that he had asked Christopher Nolan the same thing when making the film, and the response was the same: “I asked Chris if there was a chance of coming back. ‘No way,’ he said. ‘He’s toast.'”

So that’s that. I did talk to Eckhart some more about The Dark Knight and its unexpected popularity, so look for that in the full interview.