Last night I saw The Brothers Bloom for the second time (review coming soon!) and I have to say that it was even better this time round. I think some of the technical aspects – color timing, small FX, stuff like that – wasn’t quite done when I saw Bloom back in the spring, and seeing the finished product really drove home how gorgeous this film is. But what keeps working is the amazing world that Rian Johnson has created, and the incredible characters who populate it. This is such a pull-quote word, but the movie really is delightful. It’s fucking delightful, in fact. Does that make it less pull-quotey?

The new website for The Brothers Bloom is up right now, and it’s worth a visit here. Rian Johnson was heavily involved in the creation of the site, and he’s pretty proud of it – as he should be, since the site really captures the charm and the tone of the movie. And it has a list of some of the greatest con man movies of all time! Even though I don’t believe Bloom is a con man movie in quite the same way as The Sting was – something I’ll be talking about with Rian Johnson as we do a lunch interview in a few hours time.

Head over to the new site for The Brothers Bloom to immerse yourself in this world, and get antsy about the new December/January release date (a release pattern that whispers ‘Oscar’ into my ear!).