The trailer for Dragonball is coming soon, and while creepy otaku get excited, some recent leaks must undercut their interest. A few screenshots from the trailer have hit the net, one of which shows Lord Piccolo, shown in the cartoon as a green guy with antenna and a penchant for turbans. I’m guessing he’s an alien – I was never lame enough to watch this show and don’t feel like doing even the most elementary Wikipedia research on the subject* – and the live action version does look like an alien… just not the one in the show.

For one, he’s not green, even though io9 links to a TV Guide interview with James “Spike” Marsters, who plays Piccolo, where he says he’ll be green. And he’s not dressed in traditional Piccolo garb. And no antenni.

I imagine this will make the fanbase pretty unhappy. What makes me unhappy is that he just looks plain old terrible. Cheap and shitty. But it’s a Fox genre picture – what else did you expect? Care and good work? Ha!

Thanks to DBtheMovie for the pic. For more from the trailer, hit their site. Here’s another shot for you… he looks like something from a 1990s scifi TV show on UPN:

*don’t you hate this? I do. It’s the internet – the information is out there. Don’t pose like you’re too cool to know about shit, especially if you’re writing on the web. I see this all the time. It’s better than the dumb ass web writers who don’t know shit and don’t look it up and then appeal to the readers to fill in the blanks, though. So I looked him up – he’s an alien demon. It’s pretty confusing.