Resident Evil: Degeneration
has the potential to be the best movie based on the video game franchise to date. It has a lot of things going for it- it’s CGI, it’s faithful to the story of the game, and most importantly, Paul W.S. Anderson’s hands are nowhere near it. He can’t ruin this one too!

If you haven’t seen the trailer for the film yet, check it out at the official site. It’s a little sad to see yet another zombie movie begin at the start of the epidemic, with the requisite “OH NOES! I SHOT HIM BUT HE WON’T GO DOWN!” line, of course followed by a line detailing the way to kill them for good from the guy who’s already delt with them before (this time played by Leon from the games). Sigh.

Of course there’s also the fact that the storyline in Resident Evil is becoming increasingly convoluted and stupid, and never was exactly the pinnacle of storytelling or voice acting. (“What, what is this?”) But hell, the trailer alone is a better piece of film than the last two Resident Evils, anyway…

Sony sent over the specs for the DVDS and Blu-Ray discs, so here you go. The film hits stores December 30th.

* Interactive Picture-in-Picture (BD Exclusive)
* Trivia Track
* The Making of Resident Evil: Degeneration
* Character Profiles
* Voice Bloopers
* Leon Interview
* Resident Evil: Degeneration Trailer Collection
* Resident Evil: Degeneration Tokyo Game Show Trailer
* Resident Evil 5 Video Game Trailer