Jerry Bruckheimer will be producing a film adaptation of Stephen Pressfield’s Killing Rommel, with the author and war go-to guy Randall (We Were Soldiers, Pearl Harbor) Wallace scripting the tale of the attempt of the British troops to stop Rommel’s Panzer Division in the early 40’s. Very rich material. Very ripe. Very un-Valkerie I hope when adapted to the big screen.

That’s all well and good, and I’m glad this isn’t a film about someone putting Dennis Hopper’s True Romance dog to sleep.

I love these kind of movies and Pressfield’s an amazing author. Amazing. Wallace… I don’t really have much of an opinion about, though it’s amazing how much I really don’t like his Braveheart anymore. I can’t even watch that shit, unless it’s a scene where someone’s head is crushed by a giant metal ball and that’s just because I’m a metal ball head squash aficianado.

There’s your news, but the really important information regarding Pressfield’s work is that Gates of Fire is back in play. With David Self writing! Though it’s a far cry from when we almost had Michael Mann making the film it still bodes well for the project.

For those who don’t know, Gates of Fire is 300 but great. Nothing against Zach Snyder’s fun and showy film, but 300 is to the Battle of Thermopylae as Richard Simmons is to masculinity. Pressfield’s book is a juggernaut of all that is great in the world and strikingly cinematic though dense and smart and very much not about slow motion kicks into wells.

These are good days, what with two Pressfield epics possibly en route to the silver screen.

Now, back to more shit about Tarzan movies