If you’re a fan of Super Troopers and you’re into this whole crowdfunding thing, BOY DO I HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU!

Comedy/filmmaking troupe Broken Lizard is trying to get Super Troopers 2 funded, but it would appear that traditional financing has fallen through (at least for now). A campaign on IndieGoGo has now been initiated, with a goal of two million bucks. Ten bucks gets you access to behind-the-scenes materials, a digital copy of the screenplay, and a thank-you on the website. $2500 will pit you and a friend against other competitors at Broken Lizard’s Beerfest tournament in Chicago this fall. For $25,000, the entire troupe will appear at your wedding in full trooper regalia. There are all sorts of in-between goals, too — some crazy, some very practical. But this, my friends, is how Super Troopers 2 is gonna happen. Are you in?