Earlier this month we reported on Irish filmmaker Ruairi Robinson’s sci-fi project The Leviathan, which hit the web with a stunning concept trailer.

In an exclusive report, Deadline tells us that writer/producer Simon Kinberg (the X-Men franchise, Star Wars: Rebels) has boarded the project as producer, and Neill Blomkamp (of Neill Blomkamp fame) has joined as an executive producer. The screenplay is currently being written by Jim Uhls (Fight Club). Since Kinberg has a first-look deal with Fox, they’ll likely be the studio to back the film. If Fox passes, the project has already gained enough buzz that these guys will likely find another studio in no time flat.

Ruairi Robinson’s The Last Days on Mars was an underrated (albeit derivative) sci-fi horror with an impressive cast, great production values, and a cool score by Max Richter. You should give it a look if you haven’t already. If you missed The Leviathan‘s impressive concept trailer, you can check it out here!