Only on CHUD would we debut our new Monday column on a Tuesday. I held back the first installment of CHUD Populi because this Monday was a national holiday, and I felt we wouldn’t be getting seen by as many people as if I went on Tuesday. And here we are.

What’s CHUD Populi? It’s a post-Talkback version of the Weekend Discussion, a very popular feature we ran for a while. I’ll throw out a topic and you’ll talk about it, whether it be on our message boards or, hopefully, in an email to us. We’ll run the cream of the crop from the emails on Friday, free of all comment – it will be your spot to have your voice heard on the weekly issue.

A couple of Fridays ago I ran a Devin’s Advocate bemoaning the lack of intelligent discourse on The Dark Knight and got fairly inundated with essays. I’m hoping that you guys have that same enthusiasm and smarts for every weekly topic and that you bury us in your well-written and reasoned responses.

The inaugural CHUD Populi is going to tackle a topic that I just chatted about on G4: the Superman reboot. Warner Bros has announced that they’re going to ‘reintroduce’ Superman in a new film in the next couple of years. I’m interested in hearing from you on any or all of the following topics:

- Who do you think would be the best director to tackle Superman Rebooted?

- Do you think Warner Bros is making a mistake in junking Bryan Singer’s film/

- What angle should Superman Rebooted take? Do you think it should follow The Dark Knight playbook, or should it be more like the recent cartoon show?

- Do you believe notorious self-promoter Mark Millar when he says that he’s got a Superman trilogy just moments from a green light at Warner Bros?

- Should Warner Bros even be bothering with Superman right now, or should they be turning to the hundreds of other DC characters available to them?

Drop me an email at (next week we’ll have a specific email just for this column) and let me know what you think. To ensure publication on Friday, try to get me something by Thursday night.

Tell us what you think!