When I saw THR’s headline ‘Tarantino gets his French girl” I became giddy with anticipation. Who is Shoshanna, the heroine of QT’s Inglorious Bastards? Imagine my disappointment when I found the article concerned merely with the script’s other girl, Bridget Von Hammersmark, i.e. the one that isn’t French. That’s the role for Diane Kruger, the news so nice we reported it twice.

But as is so often the case with IG casting news, there is another nugget buried in there: Til Schweiger will be in the flick after all, and as a Bastard! He’d been rumored for one role after another (frequently Colonel Hans Landa, which went to Christoph Waltz) and we’d figured he was out of the running. Perhaps QT was simply so taken with Schweiger’s work in Boll’s Far Cry that he had to have him, no matter the role. Draw your own premature conclusions by watching the trailer below. And please, enjoy the final appearance of the great Don Davis.