1. Hide my twitter. Must keep it safe from Widmore.
  2. Calling future robot H.E.R.B.I.E. .
  3. Lost happens tonight…in the 1970s.
  4. Robot destroyed. Bummed.
  5. Robot knows love. Will never become Sentinel.
  6. Day off. Must deal with the Irish.
  7. Robot developed self-awareness. Love is soon to follow.
  8. Heroin killed a lot of rock stars. It’s like Kryptonite for whiny pussies .
  9. Building a robot today.
  10. Neil Diamond was right. They are coming to America…today.
  11. Must remember to call the Sassy Scoundrel’s voice mail
  12. JoAnn Fabrics now opens at 10:00 am for people taking a donkey shit.
  13. Met a woman whose tit was bit off by a horse. Always feed horsies.                                   
  14. Linda Hamilton can burst into flames in my playground whenever she wants.   
  15. There are too many people that know my true face. Must remedy.                
  16. Shat a Glaive. Must make notation.                                                    .
  17. This close to recovering the Hellfish bonanza. Must tell no one.
  18. I have plans to visit Swaziland in 2017. They know why.                 
  19. Went to Grocery Store. Prayed for The Mist to come and take me away.