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RUNNING TIME:75 minutes (w/credits)

  • Director’s Commentary
  • Special Effects Bonus Featurette
  • App Theatrical Trailer and Bonus RAM Trailers
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The Pitch
“What if kids had to use their phone IN THE MOVIE THEATER TO WATCH THE MOVIE?!”

The Humans
Hannah Hoekstra, Isis Cabolet, Robert de Hoog

The Nutshell
Anna is a young college student addicted to her phone. After a crazy party one night, she has a mysterious new app called Iris. It seems to be helping her out at first, but then it sends a video of her best friend having sex with a teacher. Once Anna tries to delete the app from her phone, that’s when all hell breaks loose. Can she delete the app from her phone in time before worse things happen?

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The Lowdown
In order to enjoy this movie, you have to suspend your disbelief for a LOT of things. This is a very, very stupid movie and people that can’t cope with things not making logical sense had best step away.

That being said, if you’re the kind of person that believes a phone app can gain sentience and can enter into any electronic appliance, including stereos placed precariously close to a pool that someone is training to scuba dive in, well, then, this movie is a fun little ride.

App never tries to be more than it is, which is a trashy B-movie that happens to be insanely well shot. Because it never tries to aim for “art,” it’s a lean, mean film that breezes by fairly quickly. There are some okay set pieces, the characters are threadbare, but passable, and it’s full of just enough ludicrous ideas that will make you laugh with joy. Also, it’s done in 75 minutes. That’s with credits.

Young Bill Paxton

Young Bill Paxton agrees.

Did I mention this film has no logic? The film works on a base level but, as soon as you start thinking about it, it just doesn’t make any sense. For starters, our main character, Anna, is an absolute bookworm. She uses her phone no more than anyone else on the planet. However, she happens to be flunking her classes, too. She studies a tremendous amount, applies herself, but also fails at trying. She plays games on her phone in her class, but she’s tremendously busy with school the rest of the time. To me, those are two conflicting ideas that can’t mesh themselves together. This is a movie with a literal killer app, though.

Also, SPOILER (SCROLL TO REVEAL) her evil phone app blows up a building END SPOILER.

It’s the ludicrous nature of the above spoiled set piece that make this film truly delightful. The filmmakers take it serious enough that they become compelling. Even though they’re completely bug nuts, they’re still tremendously engaging. Like I said, the movie is 75 minutes with credits. There’s almost no fat here.


Young Macklemore agrees.

Finally, this film is gorgeous. The film was made in the Netherlands by people I’ve not heard of, but they must have stolen David Fincher and his DP. The film is absolutely beautiful. For a super cheap horror thriller, this film has far too much production value behind the camera. It’s Fincher if Fincher was relegated to horrible B techno thrillers.

If you have a free night and want to watch this movie, go for it. It’s a great communal experience and a campy, tacky, delightful film.

Young Emma Watson

Young Emma Watson agrees.

The Package
There’s not much here, really. The director’s commentary from Bobby Boermans is a quick rundown of, “Oh, this was fun,” and his predictions of how people will use the second screen format in future years. It’s a thoughtful dissection, actually, which is why the second screen experience was so disappointing.

However, the film is made all the more campy-fun with your IRIS app. This movie bills itself as the world’s first second-screen movie. You can absolutely watch this movie without the IRIS app (a free download, by the way), as it adds almost nothing to the proceedings. There might be an extra camera take here, a quick text message here, but that’s it.

dumb text message

Wait, so I spent all this time syncing the phone with the movie to get this juicy piece of second screen goodness?

In fact, the only thing of value is spoiling a huge twist about thirty minutes before it happens. That might have made the film better, as the twist is largely perfunctory, but having it telegraphed on my roommate’s iPhone made me prepare for the terrible twist.

Rounding out the package is a quick featurette on the special effects of the movie that makes you be impressed by how seamless most of it was.

Iris is backwards for SIRI

Young Iris disagrees.


Out of a Possible 5 Stars