If you’re like nearly everyone in North America, you’ve got an Apple device or two layin’ around the ol’ domicile. Maybe there’s one in your pocket. Maybe you’ve got an iTunes account for à la carte VOD rentals and Carly Rae Jepsen singles. In all likelihood, most of you have bought into the Apple ecosystem at one time or another. And with the Apple-exclusive launch of HBO Now imminent, perhaps some of you are considering taking the plunge and buying an adorable $69 Apple TV so you could stream Game of Thrones in your sweet-ass adult rumpus room without the guilt of piracy.

I was thinking of buying one today, actually, but I’m glad I visited Engadget first. Their sources say we’re getting a new version of the hardware this June, with a faster processor, more storage, a real App Store to compete with Roku, and voice commands to rival Amazon’s Fire TV.

When I initially reported about the coming debut of HBO Now, the information out of Apple’s keynote event wasn’t terribly clear, but it looks like HBO Now isn’t exclusive to Apple TV — just Apple devices. I’m willing to catch a few episodes of Game of Thrones on my phone while I wait for this rumored new Apple TV to hit shelves in June.