Few things go better together than actor Jeffrey Combs, director Stuart Gordon, and author H.P. Lovecraft.

Thanks to Combs, we know a little bit more about Gordon’s latest Lovecraft adaptation, The Thing on the Doorstep, which is being written by Dennis Paoli (Re-Animator) and focuses on a young girl who, aided by her skills of seduction and sorcery, can transfer her mind into another man’s body. Unfortunately, Combs has decided to sit this one out.

The Re-Animator star tells Fangoria that the film looks to be “wall-to-wall” sex.

“…because the whole idea is that people get infected by having sex, and so everybody is doing it. And I just said, ‘Stuart, no, thank you,’ because I know how it breaks down and how it is on set, and I didn’t really want to be in that world.”

The heavy sexual content is something unique to Gordon and Paoli’s take on Lovecraft’s story, which originally told a less erotic tale of mind transference.

“It was just too much, it was like, ‘And then they’re writhing, and then they’re humping some more, and then they build to a climax, and then they climax, and sweat…” I wish him all the best with that one, but not every project’s right for me.”

Gordon is expected to begin filming The Thing on the Doorstep this fall.