It’s a teeny bit of a bummer that this is cause for celebration, but so be it: Mad Max: Fury Road has been given a R-rating by the MPAA. Their reasons? “Intense sequences of violence throughout, and for disturbing images.” Sold!

Why is this a minor triumph? Because we’re at a point in our movie culture where so many R-rated properties have been domesticated in order to obtain a PG-13 rating. TerminatorRoboCop, the fourth Die Hard film and even recent casualty The Expendables 3 have all fallen victim to the outdated rating. I won’t get into a spiel about the ratings system (short version: total overall is the best option), but it is refreshing to know that George Miller’s return to the wastelands isn’t going to be neutered for the sake of box office returns.

While we all count down the fifty-seven remaining days until Mad Max: Fury Road is unleashed upon a world that desperately needs it, why not partake of this new Japanese trailer? There’s nothing new to chew on, but I am happy to report that the Japanese title of the film roughly translates to Mad Max: Anger of Death Road. Might be calling it that from now on.