According to Bloody Disgusting, Vadim Perelman, director of House of Sand and Fog, is in negotiations to call the shots on the remake of Poltergeist.

The Bloody dudes aren’t saying anything’s definite at this point, probably because all of the finer details have yet to be worked out by Perelman’s reps, that is, of course, if Bloody’s source is accurate (they usually are).

I have no idea if Perelman’s a great choice or not since I haven’t seen House of Sand and Fog or his other directorial effort, The Life Before Her Eyes. That being so, I’m kind of  “Okay, whatever…” on this announcement. Perhaps I’ll be more excited after seeing the final product….if it turns out Perelman is involved.

In the meantime Stiles White and Juliet Snowden (Boogeyman) are pounding out the current draft of the screenplay.