Tulip Ruth Negga

I’ve already written about how excited I am for AMC’s adaptation of Preacher, and thanks to Deadline we’ve got our first nugget of real news to announce. The story’s female lead, Tulip O’Hare, has been cast. She’ll be played by Ruth Negga. Negga is known to the watchers of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as Raina, but since I dropped out of that show, I have to consider her a mostly unknown factor. She is slated to appear in Duncan Jones’ upcoming Warcraft, so it looks like she’s got some certifiable geek cred.

The character of Tulip O’Hare is, if you’ll excuse the vulgarity, fucking awesome. She’s the love interest of Reverend Jesse Custer, but she’s as badass as the good reverend and then some. She’s no lily-livered little princess. She holds her own in a fight and won’t think twice about shooting you in your stupid face if you mess with her. She’s one of the best female characters I’ve ever encountered, and I’m rooting for Negga to bring her to vivacious life on the small screen.

*sigh* Okay, now the part I have to address because if I don’t, someone else will. In the comics, Tulip is white. In the real world, Ruth Negga is not. If anyone’s upset about this, you’re an idiot. In fact, parts of the story will now be even better because Tulip is black. If you haven’t read the comics, STOP READING.

The entire conflict at Angelville with Jesse’s grandmother will now carry even more weight. Gran’ma already hated Tulip for other reasons, but making racism an added bit of hatred will make Gran’ma’s explosive comeuppance even sweeter.

I need your comments, Chewers. Who has opinions on Ruth Negga? Is she going to be the tough as nails Tulip this show needs?