Can you call it a breakup if there was never a relationship in the first place? Not really, but when you want something bad enough to put on unsanctioned make-up and shoot photos of the results off into cyberspace, rejection has to hit as hard as any display of female disinterest. Just slightly less painful is sitting through the plethora of limp gay jokes that is dog the edition of The Movie Blog with Crank directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, so for his sake I hope that Thomas Jane didn’t have to watch the first 18 minutes, as I did, to learn that he won’t be in Jonah Hex.

“We’re excited about looking for the lead,” says Mark Neveldine. “We have some options for Jonah Hex.” Brian Taylor speaks more directly about Tom Jane: “We had never brought his name up, he’s great, we like him…We don’t see the guy as Jonah Hex, to be quite honest with you. But we like him. We’re totally stoked that he would do that, it’s so awesome.” Then Neveldine gets the love train back on track: “He’ll show up in one of our movies.”