If you haven’t heard, David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows is a bona fide critical darling, with people raving like mad about how it’s the’ finest horror film in a decade’ and other such hyperbolic statements. So, of course I’m fucking DYING to see it.

First, we heard it would open on March 13 theatrically and VOD would arrive on the 27th. Then we heard the 13th for VOD. Then, the 13th came around, and no VOD release happened. Then we heard that a VOD release hadn’t been scheduled.

It Follows opened on four screens on the 13th, with an expansion in place for the 20th. Then, theaters previously scheduled for the expansion began to mysteriously disappear from the screenings list on the film’s official site. Then, yesterday morning, Tom Brueggemann revealed via an Indiewire exclusive that Radius was reportedly planning a 1000-theater expansion for the 27th, but due to increasing pressure from VOD providers, the film would instead come to VOD on that day.

Now, this evening, Bloody-Disgusting tells us in an exclusive that the wide opening is still on (details soon) and that VOD is still a ways off.

I don’t know what the fuck to think anymore. This is getting downright daffy. I want to see it as badly as all of you, but god only knows when (or if) it’ll make it down to my neck of the woods. We’ll keep you posted.


The official Regal Cinemas twitter account has corroborated Bloody-Disgusting’s story!