The new full-length trailer for the video game adaptation Max Payne is here, and it offers the chance to see Mark Wahlberg frown and shoot his way through what looks a little like an unofficial sequel to Constantine. In the movie, Wahlberg plays the titular cop who is looking for revenge after his wife and baby are murdered. Payne avenges them by shooting baddies, doors, and walls while diving through the air in slow motion. The game was inspired by the cinematic gunplay in John Woo movies, but the movie seems to be looking to more recent inspiration like Sin City and My Chemical Romance videos. The movie costars Mila Kunis, Beau Bridges, Ludacris, Donal Logue, and, somehow, Chris O’Donnell. It was directed by John Moore, a man who deserves a certain amount of flogging for bringing us The Omen remake a few years back.

Warning: The following embedded video contains a brief advertisement intro and a Marilyn Manson song. So close your eyes for the first few seconds and your ears for the rest:

Thanks to Yahoo Movies for bringing this to us. A higher quality version of the trailer can be found there.