If you’ll recall, we just wrote about how Voltron had been put into turnaround, picked up by another outfit and possibly downsized. The sidebar on that story was that a director would shortly be announced, and now Latino Review claims to have the dirt. And the winner is…

Max Makowski.

You were expecting Jan de Bont?

That Voltron might be helmed by a relative unknown is really no surprise. A CGI-laden movie about robot lions that combine into a giant robot warrior isn’t the sort of flick that leaps onto the CV of a popular, respected helmer. (The robots have to change into things, see, not combine into them.) It’s the playground of commercial and music video directors, so be happy (if you care) that this one is in the hands of a guy who has actually made a feature or two. The Brazilian-born* auteur’s most notable is One Last Dance, a film about an assassin, which I’ve never seen.

Also on Makowski’s career sheet is at least one stint in the director’s chair for Queer Eye For the Straight Guy; lame internet ‘pink lion’ jokes to commence as soon as the holiday weekend is over.

No word yet on a rewrite of the occasionally-praised Justin Marks script.

*That’s the link to the article title, in case you needed a pointer.