“I read. I smoke. I admire.” That Laura Bush just sizzles. Damn. Makes me feel all creep-ified.

The focus of this clip from Oliver Stone’s George W. Bush biopic W. is meant to be Elizabeth Banks and her portrayal of Laura Bush. (Or Laura Welch, as she currently is in the clip.) And while Banks has charm to spare, I just can’t get over Josh Brolin’s version of W. I love it for reasons I can only partially explain; he seems genuine as hell, and has Bush’s mannerisms down in a way that doesn’t seem forced at all.

Which is to say: Holy shit, I’m starting to really want to see this movie. Not because it could be an amazing trainwreck (still possible, even probable) but because it could be the one that really puts Brolin over the top. Check the clip below (or use this direct link if the embed is wonky), and let us know on the message boards if it looks like Brolin’s big score.

(Edit: After watching the clip a couple more times, my primary fear is that
Brolin and Stone have tried too hard not to make Bush an utter buffoon
and consequently created a fantasyland Smart Dubya. Which would be fun, but not quite what the flick needs.)