You know what the best part of being famous is? Getting stuff for free. Sometimes, you get stuff for free before anyone else even has the opportunity to pay for it. And on those most special of occasions, you get to see Guillermo del Toro’s Crimson Peak while the rest of us peons have to wait over half a year to glimpse that crazy Mexican’s next masterpiece. Such an occasion was bestowed upon America’s most prolific horror writer, Stephen King, and his broodling Joe Hill, who also writes pretty good fright rags. What did they have to say about del Toro’s Gothic behemoth?

Excusing King’s misspelling of “Raimi” (give the guy some slack. He wrote Creepshow, which excuses him from any minor infractions and mistakes for the rest of his life and afterlife), that last one should raise the neck hairs of any true horror fan. Stephen King famously proclaimed The Evil Dead as “the most ferociously original horror film of the year,” and that statement rang pretty true. I’m hoping that some of the pullquote posters for Crimson Peak that come out have, “Gorgeous and just fucking terrifying,” at the top in bold letters. A man can dream.

Crimson Peak is gifted to us lesser beings on October 16th.