Welcome to one of the slowest news weeks of the year!

Moviemistakes.com, surely one of the internet’s leading sources of flubs in films, has compiled a list of the biggest mistakes in the history of movies. I like the concept, but the execution leaves much to be desired.

As is so often the case with internet lists, the history of movies goes back about a decade or so, with a special mention of Star Wars. I have a hard time believing that the best bloopers in movies happened in the last ten years, but the site does have a fun list including some great pictures – including the shot above, my personal favorite mistake. I used to have my Star Wars VHS tape cued up to this spot.

Many of the mistakes listed are continuity gaffes, which I have to admit I find a little boring. The more I learn about making movies the more I’m amazed that continuity errors are so few and far between. There’s usually an amazing attention to detail on a movie set.

Which is why my favorite mistakes are the ones where that attention just disintigrates. Moviemistakes.com has some great examples of cast members being caught in the shot – I especially like the guy in a cowboy hat over Jack Sparrow’s shoulder in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Head over to moviemistakes.com to see their big list, and then come back to our message boards to discuss the best movie mistakes from before 1999.