The week of September 15th will see me flying to London for a whirlwind event – I’ll be sitting down with Quantum of Solace director Marc Forster and James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, to present questions direct from the fans. That’s right – I won’t be coming up with the questions, I’ll be your conduit to these guys.

Here’s how this will work: I’ll have time for two questions for sure, possibly for a third. I will choose the first question from those submitted via email. The second and the back-up questions will come from submissions on our message board. That means you have more of a chance to get your question answered if you submit it on the boards.

I’m picking the questions and only running them by the studio to make sure there is no overlap with other sites taking this trip, so be smart and interesting. Keep your questions about Bond. It’s okay to have fun with it. But most of all: be smart! Let’s have the CHUD questions be the ones that really impress Craig and Forster with their wit and savvy.

Send your questions to with QOS as your subject line. Or submit them in this thread on our message board. Remember, I’ll be picking TWO questions from the message board.

This is the beginning of some cool Quantum of Solace stuff over the next few weeks, some of which will come out of the London trip and some of which will come after. I’m excited about it all, and I hope you’re going to like the coverage we have in store for you.