Tropic Thunder is my favorite comedy of the year, which is saying something considering how many decent ones have come out this year. Like Rambo.

Rain of Madness, the faux documentary [think Hearts of Darkness but without Martin Sheen hit point loss] for the film, a twisted and well-done riff that manages to add to the value of the existing film while deserving a life of its own.

It’s a half hour long and free on iTunes right now!

Of course, I’d do anything to see more footage of Downey in character so I may be biased. Actually, I’ve been surprised at the very mixed reception people in my circle have had to the film as it’s one of the best broad comedies I’ve seen since Anchorman and at times a really great and biting Hollywood satire.

So, if you have iTunes go download this and while you’re there subscribe to the CHUD Podcast and pick up the latest Killing Swarm album.