Derek Mears Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th television show (no, not that one) is not something I’m crazy about. Before absconding to the small screen, Jason Voorhees needs to get his shit figured out on the big screen (and that figuring out better involve Derek Mears). And with the exception of Hannibal, horror doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to boob tube adaptations (I’m certain there are defenders for A&E’s Bates Motel, but the first season of that show was immensely disappointing for me). Regardless, it looks like one of our next trips to Crystal Lake might be over at The CW, and Sean S. Cunningham himself will be executive producing.

While speaking at the Monster Mania convention in New Jersey, Cunningham mentioned that The CW has shown interest in picking up the show (this leads me to believe that it’s being considered as the eventual replacement for Supernatural), but the real juicy part is his description of the show’s premise.

In Friday the 13th: Crystal Lake Chronicles (feh), the Friday the 13th films are based on actual killings that took place at the camp, and the show would focus on the community of Crystal Lake, how the films affected the town, and of course, the “real” version of Jason.

There was a slight attempt to do something along these lines in Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday, with the town selling Jason memorabilia and making hockey mask burgers. That’s actually the one interesting idea in this concept, but I hate to say that Jason’s relevancy to our current pop culture landscape is sadly not as mighty as it once was.

Maybe when/if this gets made and we see some footage, I’ll change my tune, but it’s hard to get pumped up for this when we’re still in the dark about the next Friday the 13th feature film. That’s what I want to hear some definitive news about. …And seriously, bring back Derek Mears.