Oh, those seasonal horror dvds are on the way.

One of my favorite recent direct to dvd films was Otis. Released via Warner Bros’ solid Raw Feed label, the film was truly a surprise, a funny and violent movie that took glee in its mayhem in the way too few films do nowadays. Read Shawn’s great dvd review for all the reasons why you should have seen it already.

But the movie is getting the Blu-Ray treatment, and it’s interesting to see the direction they’re going with the cover art.

Gone is the iconic image of Otis with his captive dressed like they’re going to prom. It’s like they realized- “Hey! People know who these other actors are, and still care about Daniel Stern for some reason! Let’s shove them on the cover so they know and buy it!” A lot more focus on the revenge part of the film, a lot less on Otis. Ugh. I’m not sure anyone who didn’t know the movie would get any kind of idea what the hell’s going on here, and it’s funny how they seem to imply that Kevin Pollack’s with Stern and Douglas. (On a happy note, they also took SpookyDan’s Juno (mis)quote off, which I’m sure he’s quite happy about.)

Yeah, not such a good job with the art. Still, it’s a Blu-ray disc of a damn fun little film, and it hits on October 7th, just in time for Halloween (you’ll be hearing that a ton in the weeks to come…) Definitely give it a shot.