Stephen King Jaunt header

Deadline has the scoop on yet another Stephen King adaptation headed to the big screen. This one is based off of King’s short story “The Jaunt”, which is a futuristic tale set in the 24th century involving a family about to teleport, or “Jaunt”, to Mars. Since this is a Stephen King story, I’m going to go ahead and assume that things don’t go smoothly. Plan B has the option on the story, and Mama director Andy Muschietti is attached to write and direct with his sister Barbara assisting with the script.

“The Jaunt” was part of the short story collection Skeleton Crew, which was my first foray into King’s short story writing. Sadly, I don’t really remember the story that well, so I don’t know what kind of (if any) horror elements are involved in the story. I have always been a big fan of King’s sci-fi outings (The Running Man and The Long Walk are two of my favorite of his. Where’s our movie of The Long Walk?), so I’m certainly curious about this one. I never did get around to seeing Mama, so it looks like I’ll need to rectify that sooner than later.

Any of you Chewers have strong feelings about this adaptation? It’s a short story, so I have to believe they’ll be mining the concept more than the actual tale. If you have any thoughts, opinions, or rants about other King stories we need adapted/re-adapted *cough*It*cough*, shout them out in the comments and on the forums.