That’s why they call it a “Blue” shell I imagine. If this strip makes no sense to you, it’s probably because you’ve never played Mario Kart. I apologise, I can only assume you’ve had both your hands lopped off in some farm machinery. In which case, until those new tongue video game controllers come out, you’re pretty much out of luck. For the rest of us, as well as poor Mr. Statham, the blue shell is like the capricious and explosive hand of a petty and spiteful god.  And considering how video-gamey Death Race was, completely appropriate.

The movie was pretty good by the way, at least all the parts with death and racing. Which is fitting. Though, I saw the movie after reading Devin’s review, and kept focusing on the homosexual love story. Tyrese just can’t quit the ruggedly handsome Jason Statham. It’s quite touching.

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